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Pairing wine and food

Food-driven wines:

Our wines at Wind Rose Cellars are crafted with food in mind. There are two basic ways to pair wine with food: match the food to the wine or the wine with the food. I know many of us will look for a wine first then figure out what to pair with it, or vice versa, we know what we are making for dinner, now we need to find the wine that complements the dish. The old saying “White wine with white meat and red wine with red meat,” is a good basic rule, but not doctrine.
I think a better way to pair wine and food is “Light with light and heavy with heavy.” A bold Wind Rose Cellars Award-Winning Nebbiolo Red, for example, would not go well with shrimp or a fish dish because of its robustness and power. The delicate flavors of the seafood would be lost under the bold tannins of the Nebbiolo. Balanced wines with good acidity help cleanse the palate and can really complement similar cuisine.
Here are some pairing suggestions for our wines:
Try out our Wind Rose Cellars Award Winning Bravo Rosso Red & Wind Rose Cellars Award Winning Barbera Columbia Valley: grilled meats (pork, chicken, beef and salmon), pizza, lasagna, pasta (pesto, cream and red or white sauces), tomato based dishes (Egg plant/chicken parmesan, tomato soup, chicken catetori, stuffed peppers) and tangy BBQ.
Rosé and Wind Rose Cellars Award Winning Rosato: soft cheeses, salad, grilled seafood, fresh oysters, salmon (OH MY so good), spicy dishes (fajitas, Indian or Thai), pizza and pasta dishes. This wine pairs well with any fresh tomato based dishes such as insalata caprese and cerviche.
Nebbiolo: roast beef or pork, lamb, pizza and rich dishes such as cream sauces.
For more ideas, visit: Food and Wine Pairing



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